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Tejas Quality Management Services is a small, diverse company that offers specialized services to the petroleum industry. Our main objective is to provide quality assurance services for all Oil Country Tubular Goods. These are just a sample of our quality assurance capabilities:



Monitor pre-delivery inspection of both new and used Oil Country Tubular Goods.

Perform purchasing and maintenance evaluation of all tubulars, as well as drilling and production equipment.

Provide mill monitoring of casing, tubing, line pipe and drill stem.

Perform auditing services of vendors' procedure manuals, quality control manuals, facilities, etc.

Monitor the field inspection of all types of drilling and production equipment.

Perform failure analyses on all types of equipment and tubulars through outside engineering and testing firms.

Design and review purchasing requirements of all types of drilling and production equipment, including a pre-production meetings to ensure that everyone is in total agreement on what is and is not required. Clients, when issuing the purchase order, need to specify that Tejas Quality Management participate in the pre-production meeting prior to startup of the work to be done.

Create and maintain tubular inventory and processing for operators and contractors.


And while other companies may offer similar capabilities, our staff of professionally-trained quality assurance specialists are able to utilize their experience to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are provided the highest level of service with regard to each and every aspect of their interaction with our company.


Our personalized services include:


detailed written reports,

documentation of certifications on inspection equipment,

digital photographs of defects, and

copies of all reports from the inspection company.


In addition, you will receive communication updates of your preference (e-mails or faxes) daily during the procedures. An on-site supervisor will also contact you by phone at the conclusion of each job or more frequently if you request. Upon the completion of each job, all of this information is compiled into a bound report for your files.






Tejas Quality Management Services -  Cuero, Texas - 361-582-6588

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